Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 2

I am behind already, but only with posting, not with the real work on this project. Week 2 there was quite a bit of riding.
Ride1. Saturday - Hervey siding, 2 and a bit hours. I left my heart rate monitor somewhere, and did not wear it all this week, so I am a bit vague on the details.
Ride 2. Sunday - Raining. I rode the windtrainer for 35 minutes, one legged drills.
Ride3.Tuesday morning YJ and I rode out along Hall Road. This was instead of riding out along the Highway with the bunch - too fast for me, and I didn't fancy riding directly into the sunrise with trucks roaring past at 100km/hr.
Hall Rd was rather hilly, and after 50 minutes I was worn out. This was a bit of a problem, as 50 minutes was when I finally caught up with YJ sufficiently to suggest that we turn around. After another 30 minutes I got yet another flat. This gave me a little rest (he, he)and fortunately the patched tire held until we got home. The hills were much easier on the way back. 1 hour, 50 minutes, including puncture.
Ride 4.Thursday windtraining, 35 minutes, highly virtuous and boring.
I also started some core strength training and yoga stretches, 30 minutes per day, 5 days this week. I think this is helping. However, I am not getting much housework done. Good trade IMO.
Purchases - legion! We went to Noosa on Saturday to view the criterion and to visit the trade show. I came home with 4 pairs of new cycling socks and a helmet (also new running shoes, probably not directly relevant). YJ pointed out to me that my helmet was at least 15 years old, and probably not up to any actual protective function should it be required. He bought a new small size pump and some other things I am not supposed to know about. I am raising the Tour de France budget upward.
I also discovered this week that the Tour falls directly in the high season for airfares to Europe. I am currently wondering if we could leave Australia before the end of June, but think this might be considered abandonment by our children.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bad Beginnings

At the Sport's Medicine Australia conference, I attended a few cycling lectures and workshops. I was rather annoyed to find that some of the "experts" working with cyclists spoke with considerable scorn concerning middle aged people who want to cycle the Pyrenees in 6 months, and come to them for help. Personally, I think that middle aged people with athletic goals deserve, and need, a lot more help than people who have sport as their paying job.
On the 20th of October, the 2010 route for the Tour de France was announced. YJ and I will be cycling as part of a group following the last 10 days of the tour, so I think I will be an" expert" in what it takes for a not very fit middle aged person to achieve such a goal by the end of July next year.
Step 1. Assess your fitness - Can I skip this bit? No.
Weight: BMI 26, not terribly good
Fitness: Runs 2x a week, 7-10km, resting HR 60, middling
Sport specific fitness: Has not ridden a bicycle regularly for the past 10 years - not very good.

Step 2: Long term goal:
Most challenging ride on tour - 120 km over mountains.
Riding at least 50km per day x 10 days
Aim to achieve this without requiring the sag wagon

Step 3: Short term goals, one month
1. Ride 3x week, at least 30 minutes per time x 1 month

Ride 1. Saturday : We stayed at Noosa on Friday night, YJ and I rode up the range 4 times on Saturday morning, great ride, but got a flat on the third uphill. YJ fixed it for me, and we rode the hill again to make it worth our while. Ride 90 minutes.
Ride 2. Sunday: Harvey siding, a nice easy ride, YJ and I started late, but met up with a bunch 1/2 way through (they had turned back by then, I am very, very slow). Another flat, 1km from home. I walked barefoot and was attacked by bindi's, but fortunately my sag wagon (thanks again YJ) picked me up 200m from home and we went out for coffee. Ride 60 minutes, coffee, 60 minutes. Jaw muscles not as tired as leg muscles - better trained maybe?
Ride3: Windtrainer 35 minutes.
Other: Run x2 x 7km
Purchase : 2 new inner tubes and a tyre repair kit.