Monday, February 8, 2010

Seriously windtraining

I have been working on my cycling now for 3 months. So far I have mostly managed to keep to my goal of 3+ riding sessions per week, whilst continuing to run 2x a week. I did not do this for a week over Christmas and New Year, or for another week whilst I was camping on Fraser Island, but otherwise, pretty much on target. I did not do so well with strength training.
Now is a good time for a review. My aim for the first few months of my training was to increase my endurance base. I felt very discouraged about my slow progress for several weeks, due to comparing myself to other riders, but a weekend where I rode by myself, at my own pace, made me notice enough improvement to restore my motivation.
I still cannot keep up with the faster people in the local cycling group, but I am no longer always the slowest (this may have something to do with new members, even less fit than me!)nor am I always tired for the whole day after a 2 hour ride. These are all good things, but not sufficient to allow me to enjoy a 140km ride up a mountain. I have experienced only 2 small injuries, one fall, cutting my knee, which did not restrict me in running or cycling, and one minor ankle sprain (whilst running) which did not limit cycling, but made me miss one running session.

My plan for the next 12 weeks is to use 2 windtraining sessions each week, one emphasizing strength, and another aiming to increase my speed. I hope to continue 2-3 rides per week, one ride to be a little longer than 2 hours.

Today I worked more at the strength end of the spectrum
10 min warm up (small chain ring, 15)
4x sets: 3min at big chain ring, 15, aiming to increase HR to 90%of max by 3min, then 2 min recovery at sm, 15. (20minutes)
3x sets: Single leg cycling at sm, 15: 1minute L, 1minute 2 legs, 1min R, 1 minute 2 legs
another 1 min of L leg alone, as I am weaker on the L (13 minutes)
2x sets : Big chain ring, 12 30 seconds, then recover 30 seconds (2 minutes)
10 min cool down cycling
Total cycling 55 minutes
Stretches; Piriformis, External hip rotators, Hamstrings, Iliopsoas, Lat dorsi
Upper body strength: 10 push ups, 20 triceps dips, 2x 30 sec plank. This is not enough, but I ran out of time before work. I think I will need to do some stretching and strength work in the evening.

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