Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Biggest ride yet

I have 2 weekends to report. Weekend one was challenging - 80km or so, Wolvi then a loop of Deep Ck rd on Saturday.
Last Sunday was our biggest ride yet. One of the riders wanted to check out the Noosa 160km course, so we rode over the gap, Kin Kin range then to Tewantin to inspect it. A quick coffee at Cooroy, then back the same way - 147 km. I was very pleased to make it. THe Kin Kin range is getting easier, but the 15% gradient at the gap seems just the same - almost impossible every time. I give myself a stern talking to about not walking it before every attempt.
During the week, the taped Giro was a great benefit to the windtraining sessions. We managed 3 lots in front of the telly. (Don't tell my mum that our bikes have now moved into the living room during the week)
The following Saturday was a quick 70km along the Sandy Ck route, but Sunday was a cycling write off. We drove to the Sunshine Coast for our daughter's music exam, and the closest I got to a bike was buying myself a new cycling jersey at Mountain Designs.
So far this week I have been running once and managed one session of windtraining. I am trying to get a cadence over 90 on the big chain ring, but am finding it rather tricky.
Our plan is one shorter ride and one longer ride on the weekend. Time is getting short!

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  1. Sounds like you are making progress, though my flabby self feels tired just reading about it. Leg power!!!