Friday, May 14, 2010

Update, 8 weeks to go

Our heart rate monitors have been sent off for new batteries and servicing. I am realizing how much I depend on the computer to help me record my training - no posts since I sent the monitor away.
The last 10 days have been fairly easy, as a recovery after the increased ride distances. In order, there were 2 windtraining sessions, about 30 minutes each, then last weekend was an easy set of rides. 1x about 70k, with some steep hills (Kin Kin, 15% gradients), followed on Sunday by a rolling hilly ride, Mary Valley via Diamondfield, again about 70km. This week I ran for the first time in about 6 weeks -very slowly for an hour, and squeezed in another half hour windtraining session.
Today, friday, was a local holiday for the show. We rode out past Wolvi, with a return via East Deep Ck to add in some hills. I have not much idea about the distance, maybe just over 70km again.
Tomorrow we plan our longest ride yet, 145km. I plan to get to bed early.

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