Friday, April 9, 2010

Finishing off a big week

The fourth consecutive day of cycling was a just over 60K, Sandy Creek, and the turn out was quite small for some reason!


This is another gorgeous ride, hilly, but with nice flat gaps between the hills. I had not done the whole ride previously and was pleasantly surprized to find that it was not the monstrously difficutly ride that more experienced cyclists had been warning me about.
Admittedly, we did take it very slowly.
The feeling of relief at actually riding cycling tour type distances for several days in a row without collapsing or falling off the bike is considerable. I now feel as if I may enjoy the tour in 3 months time, instead of alternating between torture on the bike and stunned exhaustion for the rest of the day!
Follow up training this week has been 1x35 minute windtraining session - single leg drills and standing drills, and I managed to slip in a 40 odd km ride to Hervey siding. With no driving the children to school duties during this school holiday week, I could do this before work on my later start day. I did not quite manage to fit in the distance in 1 hour 30 minutes, but am getting faster, a nice feeling.

I haven't tried starting a ride before dawn yet, but as the days become shorter this might be necessary. I have lights all organized, but am yet to sew reflective tape on my jerseys, maybe this should be a job for the weekend.

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