Friday, April 30, 2010

Long weekend riding

The public holidays over the next 3 months are a great boon to our training programme - in theory.

Last weekend we rode Sandy Creek on Saturday (62km, rolling hills) Kenilworth on Sunday( 111 km, mixed including steep range, 10% gradient)with a recovery ride on Monday - about 50km, rolling hills.
DSCF0187 YJ cooked breakfast for people attending the Anzac dawn service before riding to Kenilworth. He must be tough.
Unfortunately when I was not on the bike during the weekend, I was at work, which has left me rather unenergetic this week. I have done no exercise at all since Monday, although there was a little bit of stretching due to feeling extremely stiff.
We have been booking accommodation and train trips in France to inspire us. Mostly it has inspired us to drink wine and eat, as all the advertisements on the web sites seem to emphasize these pastimes. I don't need any encouragement in this direction, as I never seem to lack motivation for these activites :).
In fact, I think the only reason I am able to ride to Kenilworth is the thought of the excellent coffe at McGinns. It is fortunate for my waistline that it takes at least 2 hours to ride there!

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