Sunday, April 4, 2010

More long rides

The public holidays over Easter have allowed a big jump in the training programme. Unfortunately in the week leading up to Easter, I only managed 2x short (30minutes or so) on the windtrainer, but in retrospect an easy week was probably a good idea.
On Friday we rode 110km, in perfect conditions.
This is the longest ride I have done to date, and I was very pleased and relieved to accomplish it. The ride was mostly rolling hills, but included climbing the Kenilworth range in both directions.
On Saturday, a recovery ride or 45 or so km was not a problem, although rain caught up with us. Unsurprisingly, I felt very stiff by the afternoon, stretched for about half an hour, then went to bed before 8pm.
This morning, we backed up with a ride of just under 70km, at an easy pace over rolling hills. Again the conditions were perfect. We are hoping for a slightly longer and more hilly ride tomorrow.
I haven't got much else done over Easter!

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