Monday, April 19, 2010


How in Australia, do you prepare to cycle in the Pyrenees?
I don't live anywhere near Mt. Kosciuszko, so I have to compromise.
That covered up sign says "Trucks use low gear, 15% gradient". To local cyclists, this hill is know as Gentle Annie.
It is not gentle.
I have boasting rights, I have ridden up Gentle Annie. It takes less than 3 minutes but feels as if it takes a lot longer, especially if you have just ridden up the Kin Kin range. I auppose I should have done this a few times in a row, but at the moment, once is enough. My legs were sore all week. There is a 20% gradient closer to town, but it is only a few hundred metres long.
Training is progressing. After the 4 days of riding over Easter, I managed 2x 40km rides and a half hour of windtraining during the week, then a 3 hour ride with hills on Saturday, and another 40k on Sunday.
During the next week, one 40k road ride, one windtraining session, then unfortunately the weekend was not good training. It rained again, and although we started out on Saturday, we were on the road only briefly and returned home for a windtraining session. I am not keen to fall off due to bad weather. Sunday was a 40k ride again.
This weekend is a public holiday on Monday, so we are hoping to fit in another 110km ride, maybe with a hill or two.

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